Melissa Rowlston

Melissa Rowlston

Melissa is a journalist by training and loves technology.

Melissa designs and develops custom-made websites and e-commerce stores.

Melissa’s specialty is Shopify. She is South Africa’s first female Shopify expert and the recipient of the Shopify Unite 2018 Award.

She has been a finalist in the Best e-commerce entrepreneur of the year and is well known in the industry for her presentation on Shopify and e-commerce in general.

As a former journalist, Melissa has truly found her niche with the move to technology-based media, and adapted her publishing, design and content generation skills to fit the online market.

Before opening her own web development company, Melissa owned an e-commerce website of her own and intimately understands the daily running of an online business.

Melissa loves a good cup of tea and tracksuit days.

Prior to that, she helped set up The Daily Maverick, an online news website. A revolutionary project in 2009, which she believes ignited her passion for the future of online in South Africa.

In 2006, she set up a publishing division at a leading PR company, and prior to that she was a journalist, designer and the managing editor for South Africa’s leading financial newspaper, Business Report.

She has a Bachelor of Arts, Honours and Masters degrees from the University of Witwatersrand.

She is an experienced designer and proficient in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. She works in Shopify, WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce and many other CMS. She is also intimately familiar with the programs behind these systems.

Melissa loves keeping up with technology trends and has strong marketing and social media skills.

Melissa Rowlston

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